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Pioneers In The Personal Training Industry

General   Population

Adults often spend several inactive hours a day, and it can be challenging to incorporate exercise when faced with a hectic schedule. Lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle can have a negative impact on ones mood, motivation, and long-term health. 


MSF coaches have the knowledge and skills needed to give you the most efficient and effective workout possible, so you can conquer whatever life throws at you. We want your one hour with us to be the highlight of your day.

Adult Athlete Training:

Are you still competing competitively or recreationally? Whether you're a runner, golfer, cyclist, or involved in recreational athletics, we can help ensure your are prepared to meet the demands of the activity, as well as improve your performance. 

(Class info listed below)

Sport Performance

Our coaches have the means to take clients through an extensive Musculoskeletal Assessment that includes: static postural alignment, joint range of motion, and muscle strength tests. Once this data is collected, a corrective stretch and exercise routine will be implemented and a foundation will be built. 

For every client that trains in a private or semi-private setting, we create a college recruitment profile. This will provide college coaches a sheet comprised of anthropometric data (body fat, height, etc.), athletic test scores, and weight maxes. Our goal is to assist all of our clients accomplish their goal of playing in the next level!



Enjoy working with others? Join our Adult classes today!


A performance fitness class is a dynamic and engaging workout session designed to help participants improve their physical strength, endurance, and overall fitness level. This high-energy class typically combines elements of cardiovascular exercise, strength training, flexibility work, and functional movements to challenge participants and enhance their health, and athletic performance. Led by our knowledgeable instructor, participants can expect a motivating atmosphere, a variety of exercises, and the opportunity to track their progress over time. Whether you still train like an athlete looking to enhance your competitive edge or simply seeking a fun and effective way to get in shape, a performance fitness class offers a well-rounded fitness experience that caters to individuals of all fitness levels.

  STARTING OCT 3rd Tuesday and Thursdays @ 6pm 

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