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Our coaches have the means to take clients through an extensive Musculoskeletal Assessment that includes: static postural alignment, joint range of motion, and muscle strength tests. Once this data is collected, a corrective stretch and exercise routine will be implemented and a foundation will be built. 

The MSF training philosophy will provide a service that is exceptionally well rounded. We want our athletes to have a long and healthy career - one that ends by personal choice, and not forced by injury. 


If you are going professional, and have specific tests that will be taken into consideration, then your preparation is what will separate you. We understand the impact combine outcomes can have on an athlete, and we do our part to make sure you're 100% come combine day. 

Hours of operation 

Mon-Thu: 5AM to 9PM

Friday: 5AM to 6PM

Sat: 6AM to 1PM

Sunday: Closed

contact us

Location: 3048 N Lake Terr, Glenview Il 60026


Tel: 847-281-5115

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